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Krugerrands, a Solid Investment That's Completely Liquid



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Named after Paul Kruger, Krugerrands offer a safe, secure longterm investment in gold bullion. Krugerrands are accepted as a global form of currency, with a universal value linked to the daily gold price. Krugerrands are also portable and easily liquidated. We offer daily Krugerrand Prices.


We buy all gold coins and South African Silver Coins before 1964. Tickeys, sixpences and shillings as well as the R1 for 1966, 67 and 69 contain silver.


When it comes to stamps, we're the name you can trust. We buy and sell worldwide stamps and specialise in Southern African Stamps. We do evaluations free of change. We also sell on eBay and Bid or Buy. Take a look at our  rare stamps & coins  that we are offering here.

Gold & Silver Jewellery

We also buy gold and silver jewellery and no matter what condition your jewellery is in, we're looking to buy it from you. We will test the authenticity of all jewellery that we buy before we process the purchase. Payment is made on the spot by EFT and you'll usually have your money in your bank account within 24 hours.


We have qualified assessors to evaluate your diamond jewellery. Please contact us for an appointment.

for Stamp & Coin Collecting

With a range of stock-books, binders and supplies for coin and stamp collectors, our professional and expert team can offer any help and advice you need for your stamp & coin collection accessories.

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